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Blonde Hair Colour

At Hudson Hair we pride ourselves on being the best blonde hairdressers in Brisbane and surrounds.

Our colour experts have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to blondes, and our personalised approach is guaranteed to leave you looking your best every time.

As the leading blonde salon around, we know how to tailor colours that are individually designed for you, along with developing our own techniques to achieve looks from gorgeous natural looking colours to fun creative tones.

So whether you are after ash, strawberry, platinum blonde or any colour in between, come and visit the blonde colour experts here at Hudson Hair.


Blonde Balayage

Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage is a highlighting technique which involves custom-blending colours, so every balayage is unique!

It offers a natural looking way to go blonde, as it is a softer and subtler look than say our platinum blondes.

At Hudson Hair, we create dimensional hair colours with the depth and dynamics everyone seeks, by mixing several blonde hues. When achieving a balayage look, we don’t use foils but rather hand-paint colour directly to your hair. This produces a more natural, blended, sun-kissed colour that grows out seamlessly minimises expensive maintenance.

Pricing for Balayage from $170 (see the full price-list)


Root Shadow


Root Shadow

Root shadow refer to a hair colouring technique that maintains darker roots at the roots of your hair and transitions into a different, usually lighter shade  to your ends. This provides the illusion of your roots casting a shadow on the rest of your hair. It is perfect for those who want a low-maintenance, effortless hair colour, while still staying on trend.

As the best blonde hairdressers in Brisbane, Hudson Hair provides countless colour options, and tailor your root shadow to achieve your desired look.

Prices for Root Shadow from $90 (see the full price-list)


Classic Foiling


Classic Blonde Foiling

Classic foiling highlights achieve an even lightness from scalp to ends. This creates extra brightness, especially when the foils are placed around the face. A Hudson Hair colour technician will use sheets of foil to separate hair, which is then covered with a colour or lightener, before wrapping them to process.

A classic foil is great for someone who is wanting brightness through the part line, or just generally wants to be brighter. It’s also a great way to camouflage grey without having to do an all over colour.

Blonde Foiling prices from $165 (see the full price-list)


Face Framing


Face Framing Foils

Is a popular trending technique that concentrates foil placement on the perimeter of the hairline bordering the face. This lighter-coloured hair around your face adds visual interest and draws attention to your face.  Your Hudson Hair blonde specialist will use anywhere between 7-14 foils for this technique. This summer time sun kissed look will soon become your all year favourite.

Face framing foils from $120 (see the full price list)

 Scalp Bleach


Scalp Bleaching - all over Blonde

Scalp bleaching involves applying hair bleach directly on your root area regrowth. It’s often used for lightening all of your hair or for touching up your roots. At Hudson Hair, all of our colour technicians are highly trained in scalp bleaching, to provide you with the best possible results We know that scalp bleaching is a VERY delicate process which must be handled with precision and care. Don’t worry, as the best blonde hairdressers in Brisbane, we thoroughly explore your hair quality before carrying out scalp bleaching.

Scalp Bleaching from $160 (see the full price-list)

Tip Out

Blonde Tip Out

Different hair tip out techniques create different results, ranging from natural highlights to edgy and varied effects, and our colour technicians know them all! The process involves picking out pieces of hair and backcombing the ends before hand applying the colour. While traditionally, tip out refers to highlights, you can opt for colour as well. It is great for all hair types, more specifically shorter, choppier cuts and long bobs.

Blonde Tip Out pricing from $160 (see the full price-list)

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